Alan Tansey

Love 'em or loathe 'em, it's that time of year when the annual interior design trends get trotted out as something we should all be following. 

To me, the biggest design mistake you can make is ignoring your own personal taste in favour of what you think should be your taste. It’s better to look at interior design trends and see how to make them your own, for a truly timeless look.

So let’s take a look at which interior design trends 2024 I think are actually worth taking note of.

1. Bold colours

If you know me at all – which hopefully you do by now! – this was obviously going to be my number 1. People often come to me asking to inject more colour, but they’re afraid of how to use it. If colour drenching an entire room is too much for you, dip your toe in this trend with coloured architraves, skirting boards and window reveals, or even just a few pops of coloured decor pieces.

Yellow architrave around doorway, Interior Design Trend
Paul Massey
Lime door with pink reveal
Apartment Therapy

2. Artisanal + Vintage Finds

We are so lucky to be surrounded by skilled artisans and makers. Search out your local makers and support them, now more than ever. Yes, it will cost more than a mass produced piece. But it will be made by hand, be unique and stand the test of time.

3. Alternative Materials

Interiors have gone futuristic with innovative materials like recycled plastics and fibres grown from fungi and seaweed.

Not to mention a personal fave of mine, cork. They’re sustainable and will literally help you breathe easier.

Cork lights, Interior Design Trend

4. Stripes

Who doesn’t love a stripe? No-one I know. Despite it being the ubiquitous uniform of middle class mums everywhere (I have no less than 15 tops in my collection, shhh), it has also crossed over into interiors.

Look for striped tiles, upholstery and floor coverings, and make rooms appear bigger with painted stripe effects.

Striped stair runner, Interior Design Trends

5. Colourful Kitchens

No more all white kitchens. People are eschewing the clinical all white look and leaning towards more colour, with all shades of green having a big moment, as well as pastels and bolds.

We’re craving warmth and comfort, and 2023’s biophilic trend is still big for 2024. Expect to see kitchen designs feel more like living room spaces.

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Green, blue and pink kitchen, Interior Design Trend
Farrow + Ball
Mint kitchen with orange neon sign
Andrea Davis

So there’s my top 5 picks.

Which of these Interior design trends 2024 could you see in your home this year?

If you want to know how to incorporate any interior design trends into your next project, Book a free discovery call with me to find out how I can help.