Roselyn Tirado

As it's a leap year, I thought I'd share a list of 29 top tips for a successful home renovation project.

  1. Think about your individual needs and lifestyle. This will inform everything, from how you layout your floor plan to where you put your plug sockets.
  2. Don’t slavishly follow trends. Today’s sage green kitchen might be tomorrow’s avocado bath suite. So only choose and install what you actually love.

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  1. Budgets. Carefully estimate your budget before you start your project. As well as allowing for a 10-15% contingency fund, don’t overlook those often missed budget lines, like light switches and fittings, skirting boards and tile grout.
  2. Pay careful attention to lead times when you order your fixtures and fittings. Leave it too late and you won’t get your items in time, delaying your build. Order too early, and you’ll have a storage problem that your builders have to work around. This is especially important with kitchen renovations.

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