Bold colour blocking to zone and inject personality

Unusually for a loft room design, the brief was to make this bedroom feel even smaller and cosier. It needed distinct areas for sleeping, playing and homework, and to better reflect the personality of a tween boy about to start secondary school. Colour blocking was to feature in the design.

I started by creating two distinct zones in the eaves. One for sleeping/dressing and the other side for playing and drawing/homework. Using the natural low height of the eaves to create a cosy nook, and leaning in to this even further by colour blocking in a deep cocooning teal.

Bright pops of acid yellow and orange were used to highlight the apex and door frame, with black and white geometric elements on furniture and decor, and street art styling to pull everything together.


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Colour blocking is an effective way to create focal points and define zones. As tweens are transitioning from childhood to adolescence it also allows you to use a balance of vibrant and calm colours to create a space that will grow with them.

Cathie Clearwater | Designer

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