Bold industrial design with biophilic elements

A complete kitchen and dining room redesign was needed to transform this space, from tired student house to beautiful industrial interior design style kitchen.

It needed to be a hardworking multi-zoned space for a busy family of five, to cook, entertain and hang out as a family.

I designed this split-level space to connect seamlessly with the outside area, employing clever lighting to take the space from functional kitchen by day, to party pad by night.

Every inch of storage was maximised throughout, and underfloor heating laid to avoid hanging radiators on precious wall space.

Matt black kitchen units made from recycled plastic bottles provide the perfect foil for the stunning terrazzo worktop.

Industrial elements of brick, cork and porcelain complement, with reclaimed factory and fairground lighting to reflect the owners’ love of industrial style. Finished off with plenty of greenery for warmth to round off the biophilic design.

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Cathie Clearwater | Designer

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