A modern playful scheme with geometric stlye

The brief was to design a modern interior design style for a shared boy/girl twins’ bedroom. It needed to appeal to both children now, and as they grow older.

It was also important this shared room  felt connected to the style of the rest of the property.

A colourful interior design scheme was introduced with strong graphic lines and a geometric style. Colour blocking in mint and coral injected some fun, and a wall mural was hand painted above the full wall storage.

Storage was carefully incorporated into every available space, with double wardrobes, a customised full wall drawer unit for toys with shelving above, a shared desk space, and accessible book storage.

Each child was designed a distinctive space with individual bunk bed shelves for books and toys, and their own wall lights.

Black and white decor elements grounded the scheme, and formed the basis for a more grown up look in the future. The black decor echoed the modern interior design style of the rest of the house, for a cohesive look.

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The first tenet of designing children’s bedrooms is always how to incorporate storage. Then you add more! Colour and texture need careful consideration to be both calming for bedtime, and fun for playing.

Cathie Clearwater| Designer

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